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To request more information about our products or if you would like us to contact you, please fill out the form below and submit to CJP Technology, Inc., or contact us at:

CJP Technology, Inc.
2-6-6, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku
Tokyo, 170-0013 JAPAN
Tel: +1-81-3-5391-7693
Fax: +1-81-5391-7692
E-mail: takekawa@cjp-net.co.jp

First Name
Last Name
Company Name
Address 1
Address 2
Zip -
Fax -
■Cutter unit
●Type of sheet to be cut
With: Thikness:
We will measure the cutting torque if you can supply us with the sheet to be cut. Please inform us of the type. width and thickness of the sheet.
●Is the sheet stopped for cutting?
Stopped While feeding
Please specify V-type if you wish to cut while feeding.
●Feedingspeed when cutting while feeding
●Stopping time when cutting while Stopping
●Which direction is the sheet wound?
Upward Downward
●Necessity of driving unit
Necessary Not necessary
●Driving method
DC mortor AC motor Soienold Others
●Power supply voltage
DC V (voltage between motor terminals)
●Environment for use(Temperature/humidity)
●How frequentry is the cutter used?
●How much is the expected life (number of cut)?
thousand cut
Hitachi Metals Precision,Ltd.

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